Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg


Each partner institution of MAOT is also a partner of the "School of Optical Technologies" (SAOT), the Ph.D. programme for students working on the same topics like MAOT.

The management of SAOT and MAOT is located in the same building and cooperaties closely.

SAOT supports doctoral candidates and postdocs on different levels with a bundle of instruments such as scholarships, research awards or the invitation of guest professors.

SAOT is part of the Initiative for Excellence of the German state which promotes top-class university research and establishes internationally high-level research centres in Germany.

Strong collaboration

MAOT and SAOT collaborate closely. This offers fascinating opportunities for MAOT students:

  • Students can work as a student assistance in SAOT research groups or in research groups of the SAOT Principal Investigators, Associate Investigators or Mentors and are so involved in high-level research in the field.
  • If the requirements of SAOT are met students can proceed in SAOT after MAOT, which means that a smooth transition from a master programme to graduate or even post-doc activities is provided.
  • Students have access to courses, workshops and seminars offered by SAOT.  One time per year SAOT and MAOT students join in an one-week summer academy.