Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Financial support

Job contracts

MAOT cannot provide scholarships for students. However, in the recent years some students per year could be offered a job contract which salary met the requirement of the visa regulations and enabled students to finance their study. 

Current situation: Due to budget reasons this cannot be offered for year 2018. Once a student arrived in Erlangen he/she can apply at the university insitutes for a job. Usually most of the studens who are searching for a job do find one eventually. This, however, can take about three to six months and the salary does often not cover the cost demanded for a residence permit.


Remark: Unfortunately it is not easy to find a scholarship in Germany for international students. Firstly, scholarships are not frequent in Germany in general. Secondly, most of the programmes require good German language skills.

 The following list summarize some infromation  about existing programmes: