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MAOT students meets Mayor of Erlangen

At the famous and amazing "Berg" MAOT student Natasha Tomm gets to meet the Mayor of Erlangen, Dr. Florian Janik, and has a drink with him.

Original article on website of local newspaper "Erlanger Nachrichten"



MAOT student Konstantin Tsapenko wins the Siegman International School on Lasers Grand Prize Poster Session

MAOT graduate Fanuel Mehari wins SAOT Student Award 2015

The SPIE Outstanding Thesis Award was given to MAOT graduate Mathias Unberath for his thesis on "3D + t Statistical Human Heart Phantom for X-Ray Projection Imaging“.

A SPIE Travel Scholarship was awarded to MAOT student Yashar Khodaei (SPIE press  releaseSPIE website)

A SPIE Travel Scholarship was awarded to MAOT student Hamed Aminpour (SPIE press  release, SPIE website)

MAOT graduate Cien-Yu Lin wins SAOT Student Award 2013

As of March 2012 MAOT graduate Paul Rostand Ndjeundoun Tchouakeu is a selected member of the 'African Good Governance Network' programme of the DAAD. The African Good Governance Network (AGGN) comprises a group of highly educated African academics who have either studied or are still studying in Germany. Due to their qualifications they are expected to be among the future decision makers dedicated to Good Governance principles in sub-Saharan Africa. 



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