Techniques of Observation of Dynamics of Supercontinuum Generation in a Loop Cavity

Abstract: The supercontinuum generation (SCG) in photonic crystal fiber has become a popular topic for several years. Recently, SCG with the synchronized feedback in a loop cavity configuration stgarts to attract a lot of interest inside nonlinear optics community, because the synchronized feedback is considered to play alos a very important role in SCG and introduced other nonlinear dynamics like period doubling into the system. This thesis will present the establishment and investigation of the nonlinear dynamics of the SCG with synchronized feedback in a photonic crystal fiber loop cavity configuration. The nonlinear dynamics of the system are observed with an optical specturm analyzer and an oscilloscope. The typical spectral broadening is observed, meanwhile three unique regimes (steady, period-2 and chaotic stte) can be distinguished from the results of the temporal dynamics of the system. Since these two results are both obtained after the system is already in equilibrium state, an Acousto-Optic Modulator (AO) is introduced and implemented as a fast pulse picker to access the transient regime of the system. By increasing the number of the round trip propagations of the pulse inside the loop cavity, those three unique features start to be established and clearer, besides the intensity of the pulses also become larger.