Self-healing of Bessel Beams


  • Self-healing effect of Bessel beams is directly measurable and observable in laboratory 
  • Due to diffraction the Bessel beam starts to restore its profile even before the geometrical shadow (core shadow) of the obstruction ends -> Diffractioin plays a major role in the self-healing of Bessel beams 
  • Off-axis obstructions perturb the Bessel beam more strongly than on-axis obstructions 
  • Real (non-ideal) Bessel beams restore their initial intensity profile almost perfectly (within the scope of measurement accuracy) for both, on- and off-axis obstructions 
  • The phase of the Bessel beam jumps by π between each lobe of the Bessel beam 
  • Unlike for Bessel beams, a clear self-healing effect cannot be observed for Gaussian beams