Optical Properties of a Novel Carbon Allotrope Intercalated with Au/Ag Nanoparticles

Abstract: A laser-induced fabrication of novel carbon flake intercalated with Au-Ag nanoparticles was presented at St Petersburg State University under the supervision of Dr. Alina Manshina recently. The resulting carbon flakes feature a crystalline structure intercalated with metal nanoparticles which have never been discussed and presented before. In this report, the optical properties of these nanostructures, namely attenuation, birefringence and diattenuation are discussed. These optical properties were calculated from the microscopic Müller matrix based polarization measurements. The measurements were done primarily for a carbon flake of dimension 5.1μm x 2μm with a height of 340nm. As a comparison of the optical properties, measurements were performed for two other nanostructures with heights 176nm and 140nm. This master thesis acts as a stepping stone to further investigate and understand these complex carbon flakes and also enabling future applications.