Laser-Based Quantification in Supercritical Antisolvent Process

We applied a novel laser-based measurement strategy to extract information during supercritical processes. In supercritical antisolvent (SAS) method for instance where particles of tailored characteristics can be produced, the mass transfer behaviour between droplets and compressed antisolvent environment is widely considered to play a vital role in particle morphology. This parameter is not yet fully studied in detail and cannot be instantly treated with traditional mass transfer measurement techniques due to complexity. The generation of a semi-stationary hanging droplet allows us to mimic similar interactions that occur throughout the SAS process. With the utilization of the depth of focus, our strategy on linear one-dimensional rama scattering revealed for the first time to the best of our knowledge, with high spatioal resolution and accuracy, the compositions of droplets and even mixtures inside the capillary during various dropping events. These key results bring us further to a promising breakthrough to a successful mass transfer measurement which is the next step of this work