Inversion Problem Based on the Modified Beer-Lambert Law (MBLL) to Reconstruct Oximetry Parameters of Hemoglobin in Cutaneous Phantom


  • One of the primary goals of this thesis is to introduce light attenuating chromophores of blood other than hemoglobin, such as fat and water. This goal is achieved by introducing abosrbance of light by these chromophores in the modified Beer Lambert Law (MBLL) equations. Experimentally, the chromophores are inserted in the skin phantom in order to make the skin phantoms mimic skin optical properties more properly.
  • There is a strong relation between partial lenght factor (PPF) and hemoglobin concentration. PPF of the aforemention chromosphores are calculated.
  • PPF of various chromophores are used for recovering the absoltue values of hemoglobin concentration. Several known concentrations of hemoglobin are rcovered by means of their individual PPF values.
  • The MATLAB codes are modified to make the scanning procedure and the calculation faster. The scanning speed became twice as fast as before. And also, an ergonomic shell structure for the scanning module is deisgned and constructed.
  • In this thesis, several low concentration hemoglobin solutions were made to validate this method of recovering hemoglobin concentration. A stockpile of PPF data of various blood chromophores can be particularly useful for recovering oxygenation information of real human blood.