Fabrication of a Microfluidic Based Cutaneous Phantom as the Calibration Object for Angiographic Imaging Experiments


  • During this research work, a microfluidic phantom is prepared that aims to calibrate existing angiograhpic imaging devices.
  • Turbiding nature and optical properties, i.e. μa and μs' of human cutis are successfully mimicked in this artificial phantom achieved. 
  • Multi layers of device mimic the dermis and epidermis of human cutis. Thickness of both layers is same as of layers of skin tissue i.e. 200 μm for epidermis and 400μm for upper part of dermis.
  • Capillary network at the dermo-epidermal of human skin is mimicked using copper and by the process of embedding-etching a hollow pattern for fluid flow is created in between two layers.
  • Diameter of micro channel is 50 μm that is in the range of human capillaries in the skin.
  • COMSOL, CFD simulation is done to predict the velocity and pressure changes of the fluid flowing through hollow structure.
  • SIMDOS diaphragm pump is assigned to perfuse intra lipid solution at the flow rate of 1 ml/min.
  • D-OCT sutdy is performed as an application case of calibrating the OCT device. As a result, it is deduced that OCt device can detect the slowest velocity of 0.085 cm/sec of a fluid flowing through the microfluidic device.