Characterization of the Large Fresnel Lens Used in Solar Hidden Photon Search (SHIPS)

Abstract: Solar Hidden Photon Search (SHIPS) is an experimental astroparticle project in which the existence of the postulated elementarily particles, calles hidden photons, is under investigation. Forming an image of one the sources emits such strange particles, i.e. sun, is the final goal of the SHIPS project which can prove the entity of hidden photons. This thesis will discuss the behaviour of the optics used in the SHIPS project for solar imaging. The influence of different lens structures under two distinct illuminations are observed. Images of a shiny fiber end-face are captured after a large polymer Fresnel lens via chanigng the position of the detector. To estimate the sharpness of the solar image in the SHIPS project, the dependency of the focal length on the wavelength for such lenses is examined by modifying the light source. Analyzing the results, helps to find the affiliated parameters like the size of the image, the mean intensity and the signal to noise ratio for each image. Substituting the Fresnel lens with a typical convex lens and repeating the whole process, produces images that can be considered as a reference for the images taken by the Fresnel lens. Comparing the images of both lenses, characterizes the performance of the Fresnel lens used in the SHIPS project.