Analysis of Multimode - Fiber Mode Multiplexer with Spatial Sampler

Abstract: Mode Division Multiplexing (MDM) has been used commonly in almost all optical networks for a while in order to overcome capacity limitations in communication networks. MDM in multimode graded index fiber has been evidently effective in matters of non-linearity and capacity. In this work, multiplexing of modes from single mode fibers into a multimode fiber for local area and other access networks is carried out. The performance of such MDM system with single mode fibers butt coupled to multimode fiber shall be analyized by increasing the number of spatial modes transmitted and the number of single mode fibers in the system. The optimized structure with minimal modal loss and crosstalk will be identified for an efficient transmission of signals. For the purpose of optimization, aperture masks are used. These masks avoid any spatial overlap between the modes and thus increase the efficiency of the MDM system. Finally an all pass MIMO filter shall be designed and implemented in the system to retrieve back the original signals.