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Quantitative imaging using a fundus camera

Quantitative imaging using a fundus camera

A special filter was developed to be able to fully exploit the information of digital colour fundus images (Tornow and Kopp 2004) (Tornow, Laemmer et al. 2007). This filter will be applied to improve the quality of fundus images in a clinical setting.

Tornow, R. P.,O. Kopp (2004). Patentanmeldung: Vorrichtung zur Optimierung von Farbaufnahmen. A. TU-Ilmenau. DE102004010725A1.

Tornow, R. P., R. Laemmer,C. Mardin (2007). Quantitativ Imaging Using a Fundus Camera. Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. 48: 1206-ARVO Abstract.


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