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Nonlinear optics in gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fibre

Nonlinear Optics in Gas-filled Hollow-core Photonic Crystal Fibre

When energetic femto-second pulses are launched into hollow-core photonic crystal fibre filled with noble gas, the combination of low dispersion with non-linearity lead to extreme self-compression of the pulse. First experiment performed at the MPL show that such compressed pulses spectrally extend far enough in the UV region that they can couple into dispersive waves. Moreover, since this process requires phase-matching conditions, it relies on the dispersion properties of the system, which can be easily modified with the gas-pressure. This results into a tunable UV source [1].

Moreover, when a sufficiently energetic pulse is compressed in the gas-filled fibre, another phenomena can appear: it ionizes the atoms. This causes a field-dependent lowering of the refractive index which does not recover within the duration of the pulse, i.e., imposing a positive phase shift and a consequential blue-shift (Fig.1). In our experiment, ionisation up to 0.5% and plasma interaction over a few centimetres has been reported [2]. Analysis reveals that these pulses propagate as solitons [3].

Fig. 1(a) Experimental and (b) numerical output spectra of a kagomé PCF (26 µm diameter) filled with 1.7 bar of argon as a function of input pulse energy.


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