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Iterative Reconstruction Techniques for Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Iterative Reconstruction Techniques for Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Aim of this project is the examination and development of new applications for iterative reconstruction techniques for magnetic resonance imaging in cardiology, which in particular reduce acquisition time.

During the sequential data acquisition, respiratory and cardiac motion of the patient must be compensated. In order to minimize the impact of motion on the measurements, MR acquisitions are commonly adapted to motion using physiological signals of the patient. Thus, an optimal use of the restricted time slots available for acquisition is required.

Furthermore, skipping measurement data can reduce acquisition time significantly. However, using conventional methods, this leads to artifacts in the reconstructed image. Iterative reconstruction techniques promise to reduce these artifacts in the reconstruction of undersampled measurement data. For an application in clinical routine, an acceptable reconstruction time is mandatory. Therefore, an important feature of this work is the acceleration of the algorithms by leveraging GPUs for compute-intensive tasks.


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