Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Academic Profile

Research priority and multidisciplinary approach

The research activities of the principal investigators form the basis of the broad thematic structure of SAOT. Due to these different disciplines involved, based on a joint sound knowledge in the

Fundamentals of Optical Technologies (comprehensive description)

the research and education program and the particular research subjects are clustered into the six main topics covered by SAOT

Optical Metrology (comprehensive description)

Optical Material Processing (comprehensive description)

Optics in Medicine (comprehensive description)

Optics in Communication and Information Technologies (comprehensive description)

Optical Materials and Systems (comprehensive description)

Computational Optics. (comprehensive description)

Each doctoral candidate (DC) chooses three of these major topics which will be deepened in the course of the SAOT program. One topic builds the frame of the research project the DC works on during his/her doctoral studies and two additional ones form the areas for further specialization. (for details see the credit point system)


SAOT provides an interdisciplinary research and education program of excellence within a broad international network of distinguished experts to promote innovation and leadership in the areas

Optical Metrology
Optical Material Processing
Optics in Medicine
Optics in Communication and Information Technology
Optical Materials and Systems
and Computational Optics.