At least 60 hours of training will be offered in the fields of presentation and communication, teaching and learning concepts, rhetoric, conflict management, creativity, team work and personnel management. Additionally for the international graduates a course “German as a Foreign Language” is offered. These courses are held outside the regular studies in form of weekend seminars. Leadership is also expressed by the high quality of the post-doctoral education. The high scientific level of the research work executed in the research project of each graduate will be proven continuously by the submission of the results obtained in an appropriate publication at least once a year, preferably in an internationally high-standing scientific journal listed in the SCI. Having published nearly 150 SCI papers and more than 250 other peer-reviewed publications by the DCs between November 2006 and July 2011 this target has been reached successfully. In order to promote visibility and reputation of the SAOT research program SAOT Student Awards (in maximum one award for each topic) are donated annually to the doctoral candidates who have achieved the highest impact to the respective scientific community. These awards are combined with a prize money of 1,000 € provided as an university contribution to SAOT. A review on the previous laureates is given here.http://www.aot.uni-erlangen.de/SAOT/research/awardsgranted.shtml