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2013 - Courses for SAOT members

Career Compass and Vision

Saturday, 7th of December

Do you want to get clearer about career planning and your vision - to get a better understanding of what is important in your life.
Most of us spend at least one-third of our day at work. Many of us will have multiple jobs and more than one career. From time to time as circumstances in your life change, it is beneficial to survey our career and determine if changes need to be made. In some instances, a job carer change will be your choice, at other times the change will be outside our control.
Regardless of all these circumstances, being prepared for moving on to our next career phase can make the transition less stressful and more rewarding

Understanding career planning
Be aware  of our history and about future planning
Getting a clear understanding of our strenghts
Get a better understanding what counts for you in your life
Getting along your career less stressful

Define a vision
Setting out a clear path
Check our preferences and possibilities
Work/life wheel - work/life balance
Path exploration

Markus Gebhardt, Challenge Learning

Location: Starting from SAOT, Paulo-Gordan-Straße 10

Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Registration: Please write to


Leadership - Basics

Saturday, 28th of September

Due to a lot of interest the course will be offered twice. The second date is on 21st of September!

Do you want to learn some basics about leadership - to get a better understanding what does it mean.

Leadership is about people, values, cooperation, and creating a happy, motivated working atmosphere. As a future leader in the business world or at universities, you are required to have vision, make future-oriented decisions and to ensure that the people you lead can make the best possible use of their qualities. Leadership is about humans! This seminar will help you understand the basics of leadership. You will get to know different leadership styles and you will figure out which style best compliments your personal qualities.

Understanding the basics of leadership
Develop your own leadership toolbox
To know how to avoid typical mistakes when you become a leader
Improve your communication

What is leadership?
Leadership in the context of organizational dimensions and cultures
What is delegation?
Communication skills, feedback, conflict management...
Becoming familiar with your future role and developing your own authentic and effective leadership style
Understanding the situational leadership
Challenges and team dynamics

Lecturer: Lothar Sippl, Challenge Learning

Location: Starting from SAOT, Paulo-Gordan-Straße 10

Time: 9:00 - 17:00

Registration: Please write to

There might be some outside part so please bring some warm clothing and a rain jacket.



Scientific Writing Workshop

28th June 2013, 2.00 to 6.00 p.m.

Students have their own paper (maximum 12 pages), poster, presentation slides or up to 4 abstracts reviewed and corrected by the lecturer in advance of the workshop. The paper must be submitted one week before the workshop at the latest. During the workshop students revise the corrections and review another researcher's paper. Each student's common errors are identified and discussed in the group so that all participants can avoid common mistakes and make improvements when writing papers in the future. -  After the registration students can send a paper directly to the lecturer on Maximum students: 4.


Outdoor Experience

Thanks for the great participation!

Saturday, 15th of June 2013

What is it about?

This course invites you to experience first-hand what is possible with experiential training methods and see how the methods used lead to an optimized transfer into daily business life.
Experiential training methods focus on turning experiences into action. You can benefit from these methods wherever you want to propel performance - team and leadership development, effective communication, change management and organization development. You will participate actively in a variety of methods and discover for yourself how effective they are.

In a pleasant learning environment we work on three levels:

  • Experiment - try out action-oriented methods
  • Reflection - on results, success, process, communication, roles
  • Transfer - work with theories and concepts to ensure transfer on the job

The relaxed atmosphere and fun, combined with the call to apply learning in your life, make this training a positive experience for you, the participant.


Trying out methods, both indoor and outdoor.
Reflecting on exercises - supporting on findings, understandings and key learning
A complex outdoor exercise
Challenge as a key factor in the process of learning and development

Lecturer: Lothar Sippl, Challenge Learning

Location: Starting from SAOT, Paulo-Gordan-Straße 10

Time: 8:30 - 17:00

Registration: Please write to

Please bring clothing for outside (rain-jacket, sun-lotion, shoes for outdoors,a small back-pack, watter bottle).


Negotiation skills – how to increase your impact


Saturday, 16th March 2013

Negotiation is getting more and more important to get better output. The negotiation competence can have a massive impact on the organization future as well as on your own career.


  • Getting an overview of the key factors of negotiations
  • The key elements of a successful preparation
  • Controlling & influencing the negotiation process
  • Dealing with difficult people 
  • Coping with emotions that usually accompany conflicts
  • Understanding conflicts and dealing with them effectively
  • Negotiating win-win solutions
  • Recognising and handling the impact of cross-cultural differences in negotiations
  • The power of using body language and voice to get attention of the audience
  • The impact of communication
  • Controlling the opening by taking the “driver seat” position
  • Regaining control by summing up and repackaging
  • Practicing techniques to break deadlocks
  • Analyzing and understanding your audience's needs


Lecturer: Susann Patuschka, Challenge Learning

Location: MAOT/SAOT course room, Paul-Gordan-Strasse 10

Registration: Please writen an e-mail to


How to survive in a job interview

26th April 2013, 09.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. , plus one hour on 27th or 28th April

The two-day-course trains the student how to perform in a job interview

  • On the first day the usual structure of and requirements in a job interview are presented and recommendations are given how to perform successfully. In small role plays the theory is put into practice.
  • On the second or third day each student will attend a real 'live' simulation of a job interview.

On the first day the whole group works together. On the second/third day individual time slots for the students will be scheduled. Therefore time required for each single student is only the first day (26th April) and about one hour on the second or third day (27th or 28th April) and the maximum number of attendants is limited to sixteen. We ask for a registration by 28th March in order to know whether one or two days for the invidual interviews are needed.

Lecturer: Franka Strietzel, Dr. Jürgen Großmann

Location: SAOT / MAOT course room, Paul-Gordan-Str. 8/10

Registration: please write to


Effective Moderation

Saturday, 26th January 2013, 9 am - 5 pm

The art of “Moderation” is essentially the unseen ability to make things happen. Meetings happen thousands of time a day in the average international organization. Unfortunately many of them lead to little in the way of results and to a maximum of discouragement.


This course is designed to develop and improve your individual skills. Learn new tools for guiding the meeting process in such a way that the clarity, agreement and action are the outcomes of every meeting.

  • Clarity of actions and goals
  • Meeting preparation and planning
  • Pre-meeting communications
  • Get practical hints for good moderation
  • The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of structured moderation/facilitation
  • How to create a positive atmosphere and make meetings fun
  • Structuring your moderation to lead a meeting


Lecturer: Markus Gebhardt, Challenge Learning

Location: MAOT/SAOT course room, Paul-Gordan-Strasse 10

Registration: Please writen an e-mail to


Improving impact in scientific writing

1st February 2013, 1.00-6.00 pm  

In a scientific paper, the abstract is the most important and immediate entry point for your readers. An effective abstract can result in invitations to conferences, interest and input from fellow researchers, and publication in leading journals.

Styles vary, but the basic purpose remains the same: to explain your study concisely and precisely. In this workshop we will begin with some general issues in scientific writing and then review your own abstracts to help you to improve your impact and expand your vocabulary.

The lecturer completed his PhD in Germany and went on to become an editor first at *Nature* and then for the *New Scientist*. He will bring in the publisher’s perspective: what to avoid, how to structure your abstract for the greatest impact.

Maximum number of attendants: 15

Location: MAOT/SAOT course room, Paul-Gordan-Strasse 10

Lecturers: Richard Webb, editor at New Scientistand Sheila Regan, Uniworks

Registration: Please write an e-mail to



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