Three-dimensional high-speed laser diagnostics for flow and combustion visualization

This seminar presentation will discuss several new laser diagnostics for flow and combustion imaging. These diagnostics all evolve around the three-dimensional (3D) and high-speed imaging of chemically reactive flows. It has been widely recognized that such diagnostic capability is solely needed to understand the complicated turbulence-chemical interactions, a long standing scientific problem with profound practical applications. This presentation will focus specifically on two approaches to enable such diagnostic capability: 1) 3D temperature and chemical species measurement using absorption and emission tomography, and 2) 3D structural measurements of dense sprays using scattering/ballistic imaging tomography. These techniques, compared with past and existing techniques, are expected to enable a quantum leap in terms of their capability to enable instantaneous 3D imaging of key parameters with high temporal resolution. Other exploratory efforts to create new multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional research topics will also be discussed.