Survey of R&D activities in German Laser Centers

German Laser Center (GLC) is one of the most successful institutes in the world in transferring laser technologies to industry. The author carried out a questionnaire survey on R&D activities in German Laser Centers by asking annual turnover, employee, research and industrial projects, and so on. In the present talk, contribution of GLCs in German laser industry is discussed through the results of the questionnaire survey. Powerful activities of GLC are found from the fact that the annual turnover and total number of employees in six GLCs are as much as 75M€ (60% from industry and 40% from government) and over 1000, respectively. The laser technology is transferred from GLCs to industry not only through research and industrial projects, but by supplying high-level laser engineers who have excellent knowledge and experience gained through average working period of ≈7 years in GLC. Approximately 60% of the researchers have a technical background of mechanical engineering field, suggesting the task of GLC is not fundamental research work but bridging the gap between fundamental research and industrial applications from engineering point of view.