Photonic-crystal-fibre ion traps

Trapped ions are among the most advanced laboratory systems for the precise manipulation of quantum states, and this control underlies the success  of these systems in precision measurement, quantum computation and quantum simulation. Major challenges for this field are to implement technologies which can be scaled to many ions, requiring new trap technologies and the ability to integrate components such as light collection and delivery optics. I will describe how recent developments involving filling photonic-crystal-fibre structures with gold could be used to provide completely new types of electrode structures [1], and show recent developments towards our first prototype. The novel geometries and size scales open a range of opportunities for trapped-ion experiments. I will discuss the application to realizing arrays of ions in separate traps for quantum simulation, integration of optics for ion addressing and cavity QED, and the use of an ion trapped on the tip of a fibre trap for precision sensing of electric fields [2].  


[1] H. W. Lee et al. Opt. Express 19, 12180-12189 (2011)

[2] R. Maiwald et al. Nature Phys. 5, 551 (2009)