Plasmonics and Metamaterials for Biosensing and Therapy

This presentation will overview methods for the improvement of physical sensitivity of plasmonics biosensors, as well as prospects for the development of novel nano-architectures making possible enhanced sensing characteristics and new functionalities. In particular, we introduced plasmonics nanorod metamaterial, which is capable of supporting a guided mode over the porous nanorod layer. Benefiting from an overlap between the probing field and active biological substance incorporated between the nanorods, this metamaterial provides an enhanced sensitivity to refractive index variations of the medium between the rods (30,000 nm/RIU). Combined with tuneable spectral response and a nanoporous bio-immobilization template, the metamaterial-based biosensor outperforms its homogeneous or nanoplasmonics-based counterparts based on existing noble metals and opens up new opportunities for the advancement of current state-of-the-art biosensing technology.