Unconventional Photonic Means and Techniques for Biomedical Applications

The presentation will review three types of novel photonic tools and capabilities that may be used for biomedical applications. At first I will speak about super resolving approaches and the capability to obtain extended depth of focus. My review will involve microscopy and near field imaging adjusted approach performing time multiplexing super resolved imaging based upon injection of fluid with golden nanoparticles. The all-optical extended depth of focus technique will be demonstrated for an ophthalmic application while being based upon the addition of special encoding profile to the external surface of a given imaging lens e.g. a contact lens, a spectacle or an intra-ocular lens. The second type of the reviewed photonic tool will deal with newly developed photonic approach allowing remote monitoring of movements with nanometric accuracy and which was recently proven to be able to sense human’s blood pulse pressure, heart beats pulses and glucose level from a distance. The last part of the talk will deal with special photonic means allowing performing imaging and doing phototherapy from inside the patient body. This capability is obtained by either insertion of special sub-cm pill equipped with miniature camera and specially designed light sources or insertion of very thin endoscope having external diameter below 120um while providing super resolved imaging capabilities with tens of thousands of spatial sampling pixels.