Quantum Metrology

The emergent field of plasmonics has received enormous interest due to its unique promises for the way light can be localized beyond the diffraction limit and manipulated at the nanoscale. Quantum plasmonics is the field of employing the unique properties of plasmonics on quantum systems of light and matter, e.g. to obtain a strong coherent coupling between a single emitter and a single plasmon. In this talk I will discuss recent advances in the excitation and propagation of non-classical surface plasmons. In particular, I will address a recent experiment on the faithful transmission of nonclassical states of light through plasmonic waveguides, and report on the recent progress on the excitation of single surface plasmons with Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond. This previous work constitutes the foundation for the new studies that I plan to initiate in Erlangen under the SAOT program. My research plan in Erlangen will be carefully outlined.