Making Metal-Dielectric Structures for Nanoplasmonics and Metamaterials

Different approaches for realization of optical metamaterials and advanced plasmonic components will be covered in the talk. For applications in integrated optical systems, realization and optical characterization of low-loss long-range surface plasmon polariton (SPP) waveguides and waveguide components will be reported.
For plasmonic waveguides based on different profiled metal surfaces such as grooves and wedges that are recently shown to have superior features for subwavelength guiding a novel nanoimprint-based fabrication technique that offers mass-production compatibility and wafer-scale parallel fabrication of plasmonic waveguides will be presented. Nanofabrication of different arrangements of surface nanoscatterers for efficient in-plane manipulation of SPPs will also be mentioned.
Moving one step further toward ''active plasmonics'', controlled fabrication of metal nanoparticles will be discussed for optical nanoantennae realization. Finally, fabrication approaches for making optical metamaterials and metamaterial-based devices for extreme control of light will be discussed.