Imaging through complex turbid media: Biomedical Applications

The development and use of optical tomography and imaging diagnostic techniques for day-to-day clinical applications, treatment and routine biological and physiological studies is one of important trend in modern optics. This is due to both the diversity of the observed physical effects and the extensive use of optical/imaging diagnostic techniques in many practical bio-medical applications. The main difficulty of seeing through the complex biological media is related to the complexity of the scattering process of sounding optical radiation within the bio-tissues. The analysis of blurred images, the development of novel optical diagnostic techniques and an improvement of bio-medical imaging can only be performed if the radiative transfer in such complex medium is clearly understood. Current presentation includes an overview of bio-medical imaging modalities and perspectives on new developments in optical diagnostics for medicine and biology. A unified computational model that is able to simulate optical radiation and image propagation through complex inhomogeneous structures is presented in terms of optical diagnostic techniques and their medical applications.