Apertureless scanning near field microscope with interferometric detection of scattered light

The principles of scattering-type SNOM will be considered. Advances and disadvances of the technique will be shown and discussed. The examples of sSNOM implementation for the local mapping of the surface electromagnetic properties are demonstrated in different research fields, like surface physics, material science, surface quality control, semiconductor industry, biology, medicine.
The ability of sSNOM to map the sample dielectric function is demontrated with an example of silicon transistor structures. The areas of different materials (Si, SiO2, SiNi, TiNi, Au, Sn) are visualized in the scattering image at working wavelength \lambda =10 \mu m with lateral resolution at least 30 nm. The abillity of sSNOM to map local field is demonstrated by the visualization of the surface phonon-polariton waves, excited by the external light at the frequency of the lattice resonance (\lambda =10-11\mu m).