Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg



Wednesday, July 27th

New Materials & Structures

13:00 Philip Russell (MPL)

13:15 Joseph Zyss (ENS Cachan, CNRS)

Revivals of nonlinear optics at the nanoscale: from molecular materials to quantum dots and applications

14:15 Alex Argyros (Uni Sydney)

Microstructures in polymer: from MOF to metamaterials

16:00 Johann Troles (University of Rennes)

Chalcogenide microstructured optical fibers for mid-infrared applications


17:00 Philip Russell (MPL)
           Photonic crystal fibres

Thursday, July 28th

Fiber Sensors

09:00 Vittoria Finazzi (ICFO)

Temperature and refractive index sensors based on multimode PCF and embedded optical nanowires

10:00 Stefano Selleri (Uni Parma)

Biosensor optical fiber platform for the detection of relevant components in biological fluids

11:30 José Miguel López Higuera (Universidad de Cantabria)

Photonics Sensing Technologies: Several Cases and Trends

14:00 Thomas Bosselmann (Siemens Erlangen)
          Fibre Optic Sensors Increase Efficiency in Energy Systems

15:00 Søren Keiding (Aarhus)

Applications of Photonic Crystal Fibers in Optical Microscopy

16:30 Clemens Kaminksi (University of Cambridge)

Supercontinuum Optical Sensing


Friday, July 29th

Fiber Lasers

09:00 Axel Schülzgen (CREOL Florida)
Recent Advances in Phosphate Glass Fiber Lasers

10:00 Andreas Tünnermann (Uni Jena)
Prospects and Challenges in High Power Fiber Lasers

11:30 Roy Taylor (Imperial College, London)

High Power Supercontinuum Sources

14:00 Sergei Turitsyn (Aston, UK)

Ultra-long fibre lasers




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