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14th International SAOT Workshop on Fiber Lasers, Sensors and Materials

14th International Workshop on Fiber Lasers, Sensors and Materials

Note: Unfortunately, the talk by Prof. Yoel Fink had to be cancelled. An additional talk will be given by Prof. Philip Russell (MPL) on Wednesday at 17h.


The workshop, co-organized by the Max-Planck-Institute for the Science of Light (MPL), the Cluster of Excellence „Engineering of Advanced Materials“ (EAM), and the School of Advanced Optical Technologies (SAOT), will address current topics in

  • new fiber optic materials and structures, such as materials for infrared applications, photonic crystal fibers (PCF), polymer fibers, multi-material fiber structures, and highly nonlinear materials
  • fiber optic sensors, such as PCF-based chemical sensors and FBG-based sensors
  • fiber-based light sources such as high-power lasers and supercontinuum sources

The workshop aims to bring together international experts to discuss fundamental aspects, potential applications, and technological challenges in these fields. 

Venue and date

July 27th - 29h, 2011

Schlossweg 8
91244 Reichenschwand (near Nuremberg)

Organising committee



Dr. Michael Scharrer (chair of the workshop)




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