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Forthcoming Academies

33rd Academy in Illmitz

The next academy will take place from 22.07.2018 to 27.07.2018 in Illmitz (

Previous Academies

32nd Academy in Hamburg

The Winter Academy 2018 took place 25.02-02.03.2018 in Hamburg.

The courses were:
Inverse Analysis in Optical Diagnotics (Daun - University of Waterloo)
Super resolved near and far field imaging (Zalevsky - Bar-Ilan University)
Life Cell Microscopy: Applications and Solutions to Life Science and Cell Biology (Schürmann, Gilbert, Simon - FAU)

31st Academy in Erlangen

The Entrance Academy 2017 took place from Sep., 26th to Oct. 4th 2017.

30th Academy in Schmitten (Taunus)

The Summer Academy 2017 took take place from Sunday 30th of July to Friday 04th of August 2017 at the Naturpark Hotel Weilquelle in Schmitten (Taunus).

The courses were:
Revolution of the resolution (Erdmann - FAU Horstmeyer - Charité Berlin)
Solar Photovoltaic to Power Electrical Vehicles (Baumgartner - ZHAW)

29th Academy in Hamburg

The Winter Academy 2017 took place from Sunday 05th of March to Friday 10th of March 2017 at the Hotel Engel in Hamburg.

The Courses were:

Course A
Fluorescence in biomedical research and clinical practice

Bianca Menchicchi, Jean Gonzales-Menezes, Maximilian Waldner (Medical Department 1)

Course B
Inverse analysis in optical diagnostics

Kyle Daun (Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, University of Waterloo), Mr. Franz Huber (Lehrstuhl für Technische Thermodynamik, FAU)

Course C
Instructor: Andreas Maier (Head of the Pattern Recognition Lab, FAU)

28th Academy in Erlangen

The Entrance Academy 2016 took place from 27th of September to 4th of October.

27th Academy in Bad Aibling


The 27th Academy took place from Sunday 17th of July to Friday 22nd of July 2016 at the Hotel St. Georg.

The courses were:

Course A
Optical System Design with OpticStudio
Claudia Gorschboth (Hembach Photonics)

Course B
“Femtosecond Laser Pulses: Principles and Applications in Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy”
Björn Braunschweig (Lehrstuhl für Festsstoff- und Grenzflächenverfahrenstechnik LFG)

Course C
“Refractive index: From the Bar-light to the Spot-light”
Dr. Shane Cadogan and Dr. Cédric Giraudet




26th Academy in Schlosshotel Eyba (Saalfelder Höhe)

Visit: Feengrotten

The 26th SAOT Academy took place from Sunday 13th of March to Friday 18th of March 2016. The participants stayed at the Schlosshotel Eyba in Thüringen.

Course A
Diffractive Optics and Computer Generated Holography

Course B
Life Cell Microscopy: Applications and Solutions to LIfe Sciences and Cell Biology

Course C
Photoacoustic Tomography

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25th Academy in Erlangen ( 29.09 - 05.10.2015)

The SAOT Entrance Academy 2015 took place from 29th, September to 5th, October.

24th Academy in Bad Aibling (26.07 - 31.07.2015)

The Summer Academy 2015 took place from Sunday 26th of July to Friday 31st of July in the Hotel St. Georg in Bad Aibling.

Course A - Lasers: Theory and Applications
Course B - Optical Phenomena in Everyday Life

Visit at: Heidenhain

23rd Academy in Weimar (08.03 - 13.03.2015)

The Winter Academy 2015 took place in Weimar from Sunday 8th of March to Friday 13th of March. The participants stayed at the Amalienhof in the center of Weimar.

Course A - Flat-Panel-CT-Reconstruction (Andreas Maier)
Course B - Diffractive Optics and Computer Generated Holography (Zeev Zalevsky)
Course C - Fundamental Optics (Ilya Alexeev)

22nd Academy in Erlangen (29.09 - 06.10.2014)

The SAOT Entrance Academy 2014 took place from 29th, September to 6th, October 2014.

21st Academy in Vienna (13.07 - 18.07.2014)

JUFA WIEN CITY in the 11th district: Simmering
Visit at the AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology)

The SAOT Summer Academy 2014 took place in Vienna from Sunday, 13th July to Friday, 18th July at the JUFA Vienna

The participants could choose between three different courses:

Prof. Fröba
Application of Dynamic Light Scattering
Prof. Ryssel
The generation of light
Prof. Baumgartner
Solar Photovoltaic to Power Electrical Vehicles

20th Academy in Oberhof (09.03 - 14.03.2014)

Visit to the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology

The SAOT Winter Academy took place in Oberhof from Sunday, 9th March to Friday, 14th March at the "Ferienzentrum Oberhof/Rennsteig".


A - Nanophotonics: Optics on Subwavelength scales

B - Life Cell Microscopy: Applications and Solutions to Life Sciences and Cell Biology

C - Advanced Biophotonics and Bioimaging

19th Academy in Erlangen (30.09 - 07.10.2013)

The Entrance Academy 2013 took place 30th, September to 07th, October 2013.

18th Academy in Oranienburg (21.07 - 26.07.2013)

The SAOT Summer Academy took place in Oranienburg from Sunday, 21st July to Friday, 26th, July 2013 at the "Hotel an der Havel".

17th Academy in Hintertux (16.03 -23.03 2013)

The 17th SAOT Academy took place in Hintertux in Austria in March 2013.

The courses were

Course A - Ophthalmic Optics – Challenges and Limitations (Prof. Dr. A. Langenbucher, Dipl.-Ing. M. Gillner, Dr. S. Arnold)

Course B - Basics of electro-optical imaging systems (hardware prospective) (Dr. Ilya Alexeev, Dr. Michael Kelm)

Course C - Resonators and their use in optics (Prof. Dr. Nicolas Joly, Dr. Matthew Foreman)

16th Academy in Erlangen (19.-23. 11 2012)

The 16th SAOT Academy took place in Erlangen in November 2012.

15th Academy in Nice (15.09 - 22. 09 2012)

The 15th SAOT Academy took place in Nice in France in September 2012.

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14th Academy in Hintertux (20.02 -27. 02.2012)

The 14th SAOT Academy took place in Hintertux in Austria in February 2012.

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13th Academy in Erlangen (10.10-14.10.2011)

The SAOT Entrance Academy was held in Erlangen from 10.10. until 14.10.2011. The academy was structured in the same way as the previous entrance academies. Thus the lectures were given by the principal investigators on the first four days and on the last day the participants sat for the examination. The lectures covered the topics: Fundamentals in optical technologies, Optical materials and systems, Optical metrology, Optical material processing, Optics in medicine, Optics in communication and information technologies and Computational optics.

Here are some pictures.

12th Academy Dresden (01.08 - 05.08.2011)

The 12th SAOT Academy took place in Dresden in August 2011.

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11th Academy in Hintertux (19.02 - 26.02.2011)

The 11th SAOT Academy took place in Hintertux in Austria in February 2011.

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10th Academy in Erlangen (04.10 - 8.10.2010)

The 10th SAOT Academy was an Entrance Academy for new members and took place in Erlangen in October 2010.

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9th Academy in Cologne (24.07 - 31.07.2010)

The 9th SAOT Academy took place in Cologne in July 2010.

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8th Academy in Hintertux (20.02 - 27.02.2010)

The 8th SAOT Academy took place in Hintertux in Austria in February 2010.

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7th Academy in Erlangen (23.11 - 27.11.2009)

The 7th SAOt Academy was an entrance academy for new members and took place in November 2009 in Erlangen.

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6th Academy in Rostock (26.07 - 01.08.2009)

The summer academy 2009 took place in the wonderful city of Rostock.

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5th Academy in Obertauern (16.2 - 20.2.2009)

The winter academy 2009 combined science and skiing in Obertauern in Austria.

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4th Academy in Erlangen (24.08 - 28.08.2008)

The 2008 SAOT entrance academy was also an intensive lecture for the first semester students of MAOT.

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3rd Academy at the lake Chiemsee (20.7 - 25.7.2008)

The summer academy 2008 lead us to the wonderful lake of Chiemsee.

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2nd Academy in Erlangen (18.2 - 22.2.2008)

In the second SAOT academy all SAOT students got lectures in basics of the six SAOT topics. The lectures were given by principal investigators and mentors. At the last day of the academy all students had to pass an exam - and did it!

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1st Academy in Erlangen (5.8-6.8.2007)

The presentations

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SAOT provides an interdisciplinary research and education program of excellence within a broad international network of distinguished experts to promote innovation and leadership in the areas

Optical Metrology
Optical Material Processing
Optics in Medicine
Optics in Communication and Information Technology
Optical Materials and Systems
and Computational Optics.