Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

YRA Programme

Young Researcher Award 2017


Welcome Address
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Schmidt, Coordinator & Director, SAOT

„Optics and Digitalization - On the mutual reinforcement of two game-changing technologies“
Dr. Michael Totzeck
Corporate Research and Technology /  Carl Zeiss AG

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Schmidt, Coordinator & Director, SAOT

Award Ceremony
Prof. Dr. - Ing. Joachim Hornegger
President, FAU

Dr. Roarke Horstmeyer
Charité Berlin / Humboldt University

Presentation of the 6 SAOT Research Awards to Doctoral Candidates
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Will
Co-Coordinator & Director, SAOT

After the ceremony dinner will be served at the Palmeria next door
Musical Interlude »Barfly«


SAOT provides an interdisciplinary research and education program of excellence within a broad international network of distinguished experts to promote innovation and leadership in the areas

Optical Metrology
Optical Material Processing
Optics in Medicine
Optics in Communication and Information Technology
Optical Materials and Systems
and Computational Optics.