subtext monthly meeting October 2011

It is our great pleasure and honor to invite SAOT members, colleagues and people interested in ‘‘Optical Metrology’’ to SAOT monthly meeting taking place on Oct., 24th at 16:30 o’clock at LTT seminar room.

The description of SAOT monthly meeting protocol is given as follows:

1.    A welcome session will be presented by Yi Gao. (5 minutes)

2.    An overview on LTT working groups will be given by Lars Zigan. (20 minutes)

3.    A presentation about Laser-induced Phosphorescence Applications in highly accurate Temperature Measurements will be taken over by Ala Jaber. (25 minutes)

4.    A coffee break from 5:20 pm until 5:35 pm. Coffee will be offered free of charge.

5.    A lab tour will be carried out at 5:40 pm till 6:30 pm, where four laboratories will be visited.   Experiments titles and names of persons in charge are shown below:

A.  An experiment on Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) will be presented and conducted by Johannes Trost. (20 minutes)

B.  An experiment on Droplet Sizing will be given by Robert Hankel. (10 minutes)

C.  An experiment on Raman Spectroscopy for biological Fluid Phase System will be explored by Kristina Noak. (10 minutes)

D.  Finally, an experiment on Laser-induced Fluorescence with an optical accessible Engine will be clarified by Thomas Mederer. (10 minutes)

We would highly appreciate if you attend this promising occasion.

Last but not least, It will be more beneficial for the seek of constructive systematizing when you inform us about the possibility of attending this event by utmost Oct., 21st.

We are looking forward to meeting you at LTT.

Sincerely yours,

Gao, Yi and Jaber, Ala