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Specialized career networks

  • Job offers from the Bavarian Network for Optical Technolgies: Bayern Photonics
  • Job offers from the Network for Optical Technologies in Baden-Württemberg: Photonics BW
  • Jobs offers in the journal "Photonik"
  • Job offers for Scientists and Engineers: SciTecCareer
  • Career pages of "Physics today"
  • A job portal specialised on Science and Research: (German) and (English), also providing a lot of information around jobs and careers in the research and academic field



Master's thesis submitted on Speckle Detection of Surface Plasmon Polaritons

Master's thesis submitted on Surface Light Scattering Under Consideration of Line Broadening Effects

Master's thesis submitted on Optimization of 4-dimensional Modulation and Coherent Receiver Processing in Optical 28-Giga-Baud Lab Transmission System