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Specialized career networks

  • Job offers from the Bavarian Network for Optical Technolgies: Bayern Photonics
  • Job offers from the Network for Optical Technologies in Baden-Württemberg: Photonics BW
  • Jobs offers in the journal "Photonik"
  • Job offers for Scientists and Engineers: SciTecCareer
  • Career pages of "Physics today"
  • A job portal specialised on Science and Research: (German) and (English), also providing a lot of information around jobs and careers in the research and academic field



Pupils visit MAOT

MAOT student wins SPIE Best Thesis Award

MAOT student wins Siegmann International School on Lasers prize

Master's Thesis submitted on Design of Mask Stacks for High NA EUV Lithography

Master's Thesis submitted on Fabrication of a Microfluidic Based Cutaneous Phantom as the Calibration Object for Angiographic Imaging Experiments

Master's Thesis submitted on Investigation of the Laser Welding Process of Brass

Master's Thesis submitted on Lithography Simulations for an Ultratech Stepper

Master's Thesis submitted on Free Space Optical Communication Using Orbital Momentum Multiplexing and Spatial Diversity Techniques

MAOT student meets Mayor of Erlangen

Master's Thesis submitted on Adaption of 3D Models to 2D X-Ray Images: Optimization and Validation

Master's Thesis submitted on Growth of InGaN Multiple Quantum Wells on GaN Nano Rods and their Optical Characterization

MAOT visits ASML in Eindoven