Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Master's theses

Master's theses



  • Butt, Muhammad Abdullar Tariq: Optical Properties of a Novel Carbon Allotrope Intercalated with Au/Ag Nanoparticles (Abstract)
  • Cao, Jingming: Characterization of Materials Properties by Polarization-Resolved Time-Domain Therahertz Spectroscopy (Abstract)
  • El-Khoury, Mikhael: Analysis of Quasi-Simulateneous Energy Deposition for Preheating Polymer Powders in the Simultaneous Laser Beam Melting Process (Motivation)
  • Grüßel, Felix: Detection of Mechanical Defects in Solar Cells by Photoluminescence Imaging (Abstract)
  • Ismael, Mohamed: Simulation Study For High-NA EUV Lithography (Abstract)
  • Otto, Leonie: Implementation and Analysis of Algorithms for Spectral Reconstruction Based on a Multispectral Sensor with Integrated Plasmonic Filters (Abstract)
  • Piszko, Maximilian: Mass Diffusion Coefficients of Mixtures Related to Fuels with Biogenic Components by Dynamic Light Scattering (Abstract)
  • Rall, Phillip Lino: 3D Ray Tracing Model for Laser Beams Influenced by Thermal Lensing in Solid State Gain Media (Abstract)
  • Schiffers, Florian: On Computed Tomography in Talbot-Lau X-Ray Interferometry (Abstract)


  • Alissa, Mai: Statistical Signal Processing Method for Sleep Analysis in Infants (Abstract)
  • Beltrán, Lina Marcela: Obtaining Bright Squeezed Vacuum in Orbital Angular Momentum Modes Using a Non-Linear Interferometer (Summary)
  • Bhatti, Ahmad Farhan: Optical Investigation of Interplay of Mie and Diffraction Resonances in Planar Non-Closely Packed Hybrid Metal-dielectric Photonic Crystals (Summary)
  • Bogale, Setegn Ayalew: Mueller Matrix Analysis for Light Interacting with Dense Particulate Films (Abstract)
  • Bordin, Andrea: Laser Processing of Thin Borosilicate Glass with UV Nanosecond Laser Radiation (Abstract)
  • Kreiß, Lucas: Raman Spectroscopy and Multiphoton Endomicroscopy for Labelfree Optical Diagnostics of Colon Cancer (Abstract)
  • Liu, Junqiu: Towards Octave-Spanning Low-Power Microresonator Frequency Combs: Optical Characteriazation of Silicon Nitride Chips (Abstract)
  • Mamaikin, Dmitrii: Investigation of Velocity Profiles in Dense GDI Sprays by Phase Doppler Anemometry (Abstract
  • Merklein, Bastian: Self-healing of Bessel beams (Conclusions)
  • Milczarek, Aleksandra: Development of a New Two Colors Video-Ophthalmoscope for Precise Measuerment of Cardiac Cycle Induced Reflection Changes in the Retina (Abstract)
  • Rahman, Arafat: Inversion Problem Based on the Modified Beer-Lambert Law (MBLL) to Reconstruct Oximetry Parameters of Hemoglobin in Cutaneous Phantom (Conclusions)
  • Tomm, Natasha: Fabrication of Optical Phantoms with Specific Oxygenation Levels (Abstract)
  • Ugurlu, Asli: Tailoring the Optomechanical Coupling in Multimode Photonic Crystal Resonators (Abstract)
  • Zangi, Pouria: Determination of Binary Diffusion Coefficients of Molecular Gas Mixtures by Using a Lochschmidt-Cell Combined with Holographic Iinterferometry (Summary and outlook)
  • Zelenov, Vadim: Characterization of the Interaction of Gas Free Jets under Static Conditions (Abstract)


  • Ahmed, Midhat: Fabrication of a Microfluidic Based Cutaneous Phantom as the Calibration Object for Angiographis Imaging Experiment (Conclusions)
  • Bejiga, Mahlet: Calibration of the Differential Path Length Factor in the Modified Beer-Lambert Law (MBLL) Upon the Local Off-axis Diffuse Reflection Imaging (sDRI) (Abstract)
  • Guo, Zijia: Using M-Lines for Theoretically Exact Image Reconstruction from Cone-beam Data of an Ellipse-line-ellipse Trajectory (Abstract
  • Iegorenkov,Artemii: Advanced Automated Measurement Solution with Novel Imaging Algorithms for All-Electronic 3D Teraherzt Imaging System (Abstract)
  • Lehr, Claudius Moritz: Lithography Simulations for an Ultratech Stepper (summary and conclusions)
  • Madhi, Daena: Photonic Crystal Fibre for Stimulated Raman Scattering and Spectral Phase Characterization (Abstract)
  • Raoof Mehrpoor, Gilda: Free Space Optical Communication Using Orbital Momentum Multiplexing and Spatial Diversity Techniques (Conclusions)
  • Su, Cheng-Hu: Investigation of the Laser Welding Process of Brass (Summary and Outlook)
  • Toth, Daniel: Adaption of 3D Models to 2D X-Ray Images: Optimization and Validation (Abstract)
  • Shahbaz, Jassim Bin: Growth of InGaN Multiple Quantum Wells on GaN Nano Rods and their Optical Characterization (Abstract)
  • Zhang, Zhen: Design of Mask Stacks for High NA EUV lithography (abstract)




  • Amin Pour, Hamed: 3D Dynamic Opto-Mechanical Modeling of Diode-Pumped Trapezoid Yb:YAG/YAG Thin Disk Laser (Abstract)
  • Gebremichael, Wendwesen: Optical Characterization of a New Amplifier Media (About this project)
  • Gebrekidan, Medhanie Tesfay: Shifted Excitation Raman Difference Spectroscopy for Identification of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Abstract)
  • Hosseini, Pooria: Dispersive Fourier Transformation Method to Investigate the Nonlinear Dynamics of Photonic Crystal Fibre Ring Cavities (Abstract)
  • Huang, Jiapeng: Speckle Detection of Surface Plasmon Polaritons (Abstract)
  • Jeevanandam, Gaudhaman: Generation of Optical Activity by Bilayered Chiral Metamaterials and Planar Metamaterials in the Visible Spectrum (Abstract)
  • Kayal, Yaman Ahmad: Ultra Precise Deflectometr Measurements for Flat Objects
  • Khodaei, Yashar: Improved Design of a Raman-based Optical Sensor for the Identification of Oral Cancer (Summary)
  • Littau, Benjamin: Design and Implementation of a Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Terahertz Tomography System for the Development of Hybrid Reconstruction Algorithms (Abstract)
  • Lu, Xiaofeng: Optimization of 4-dimensional Modulation and Coherent Receiver Processing in Optical 28-Giga-Baud Lab Transmission System (Abstract)
  • Mulutgeta, Kumneger Demeke: Image Processing Algorithms for Aligning an Opthalmologic Device Relative to a Patient's Eye (Abstract)
  • Ringel, Thomas: Surface Light Scattering Under Consideration of Line Broadening Effects (Conclusions)
  • Ströhl, Florian: Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM). Theory, Implementation and Conmparison of TIRF-SIM, SROS-SIM and MSIM (Abstract)
  • Unberath, Mathias: 3D + t Statistical Human Heart Phantom for X-Ray Projection Imaging (Abstract)
  • Yahyapour, Milad: Implementation and Characterization of Imaging Rotuines into a Continuous-Wave Terahertz Photomixing System (Conclusions and Outlook)
  • Yousefi Amin, Amir Abbas: Solution-processed Fabrication and Characterization of Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells with Silver Nanowirde Electrodes (conclusion and outlook)


                              • Awano, Nebiat Tekle: Design, Implementation and Calibration of Compact MIMO 5.8 GHz Radar/RFID Transceiver Frontend (Abstract)
                              • Awel, Salah: Optimization of a Calibration Strategy to Reduce the Retrace Error in Structured Illumination Macroscopy (SIMA) (Conclusion and Summary)
                              • Alhamwi, Nawras: Plethysmographic Sensor Design for Real-time and Remote Body Hemodynamic Monitoring - A New Approach for Early Shock Detection (Abstract)
                              • Balz, Nathalie: Development of a Miniaturized Laser Scanning Microscope (Conclusions)
                              • Bayat, Shahin: Influence of a Laser Power Modulation on the Element Intermixture at Austenitic-Ferritic Stainless Steel Welds (Summary)
                              • Chahine, Charlotte: Characterization and Optimization of a Lithography Stepper (Summary)
                              • Jamshidipour, Hamed: Optical sensor for estimating focal distance and cut width during laser cutting (Summary)
                              • Kamal, Saikat: Non-Linear Impairment Compensation Using Correlated Backward Propagation (Abstract)
                              • Nkiwane, Emmanuel: Experimental Comparison of Different Pulse Shaping Techniques for Advanced Modulation Formats Using a Recirculating Loop (Abstract)
                              • Ramalingam, Archana: Photonic Lantern Based Spatial Mode Multiplexer and Mode Equalizer (Abstract)
                              • Reuter, Judith: Holographic Interferometry for Determination of Binary Diffusion Coefficients of Gas Mixtures of Helium with Krypton and Ammonia (Summary and Outlook)
                              • Sadeghzadeh, Amirhossein: Head Tracking During Magneto-Encephalography (MEG) Data Recording via 'Flying Triangulation' (Summary)
                              • Saeed, Ahmad: Multiband Gap Organic Solar Cells (Conclusions)
                              • Mehrbod Soleimani Aligodarzi: Perturbation of Whispering Gallery Modes by a Nanoantenna (Abstract)
                              • Varadhachari, Janani: Analysis of Multimode - Fiber Mode Multiplexer with Spatial Sampler (Abstract)
                              • Weigand, Matrina: Phase Retrieval from Bright-Field Microscope Images (Abstract


                              • Ahmad, Taimoor: Characterization of Biologically Derived Substrates for Thin-Film Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells (abstract) (Full text)
                              • Bani Domi, Abdullah Mahmoud Ali: Design and Characterization of a Rman Based Online Sensor for Analysis of Tissue (conclusions)
                              • Bahrami, Mohammad Reza: Light-Matter Interaction in Hybrid Colloidal Photonic Crystals (summary and conclusions)
                              • Bulatov, Maksim: Displacement Measurement During Laser Welding Using Self-mixing Interferometry (conclusions)
                              • Dittmar, Sebastian: Plasmon absorption of colloidal gold particles (summary and outlook)
                              • Fouladi-Mohaved, Sarah: Novel method to localize EEG electrodes emplying the optical 3D sensor "Flying Triangulation (abstract and summary of results)
                              • Hollweck, Richard: Untersuchung des Einflusses von Hintergrundladungsträgerdichten auf die Effizienz von InGaN-basierten Lichtemittern (Abstract)
                              • Katanacho, Manuel: Detection of Point Correspondences for 3D Reconstrucktion in Panorama Endoscopy (Abstract)
                              • Kusbandiah, Tika: Surface Reconstruction for the Determination of Nanotopography in Makyoh (conclusions)
                              • Lubkoll, Jan: Research on Optimizing Cutting Proecesses on Materials for Intra-Ocular Lenses (summary and outlook)
                              • Mehari, Fanuel: Approach for Qualitative Tissue Differentation Using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) (Abstract)
                              • Mishra, Shailesh: Optical Whispering Galleries in Various Geometries (abstract)
                              • Pasko, Olga: Polarization Maintaining Fiber Optic Rotary Joint (PM FORJ) (abstract)
                              • Quiño, Jaypee: Laser-Based Quantification in Supercritical Antisolvent Process (abstract)
                              • Rahman, Talha: Development and Testing of DSP Based Format Flexible Coherent Optical Receiver (abstract)
                              • Sadiq, Muhammad Usman: Optimized Pulse Shaping for Efficitent Performance of Digital Backward Propagation in 112 Gb/s DP-QPSK transmissions (abstract)
                              • Wang, Qi: Techniques of Observation of Dynamics of Supercontinuum Generation in a Loop Cavity (abstract)
                              • Zuber, Ralf: Deflectometry: Analysis and Correction of Residual Errors (Summary and conclusions)


                              • Abebe, Biranhu Tamene: Graded-Index Multimdoe Fiber (MMF) Optimization and Transmitter/Receiver Coupling for Optical Multi-Input/Output Transmission Systems (abstract)
                              • Ali Khan, Murtaza: AFM Nanolithography for the Electrical Growth of Silver (Ag) Nanoparticles (Abstract)
                              • Bakhtiarzadeh, Sadegh: Cylindrically Polarized Light in Nanobore PCF (conclusions)
                              • Chen, Ying-Jen: Alternative Light Sources and Automation System Design for Sensoring the Human Shock Reactions
                              • Eskandarian, Zeinab: Characterizaton of the Large Fresnel Lens Used in Solar Hidden Photon Search (SHIPS) (Abstract)
                              • Fouladi-Movahed, Nadia: Development of Biopolymer-Ceramic Composite Coatings by Electrophoretic Deposition for Orthopedic Applications (conclusions)
                              • Heller, Andreas: Rayleigh and Brillion Scattering for the Measurement of Thermal Diffusivity and Sound Speed in Multicomponent Mixtures (introduction)
                              • Isik, Seckin Sinan: SPP and Subwavelength Imaging (conclusions)
                              • Ndjeundoun Tchouakeu, Paul Rostand: Evaluation der detektierbaren Sensorsignale zur Regelung des Laserschweißprozesses (Zusammenfassung)
                              • Perez, Angela: Implementation of an Interferometric System for Generation of Cylindrical Vector-beams Using a Parallel-Aligned Spatial Light Modulator (abstract)
                              • Rauen, Dominik: Performance Estimation of PolMux-QPSK Modulated Signals by Modeling Phase Variations (abstract)
                              • Roshani, Bita: A Study on Mixture Formation in Propane Spray by Laser Induced Grating Technique (conclusions)
                              • Taranka, Alena: Testing of Dynamic Light Scattering for the Characterization of Hyaluronan and Human Liquid Vitre (summary)



                              • Kanin, Oleg: Mitigation of Transmission Impairments for Phase-encoded Optical Communication Systems by Optimized Digital Backward Propagation (conclusions)
                              • Knorsch, Tobias: Influence of the Nozzle Hole Geometry on the Spray Behavior of DISI Injectors in terms of Homogeneous Charge Conditions
                              • Mahdavi, Ali: Resonance Behaviour of Plasmonic Nano-structures (conclusions)
                              • Schlüter, Sebastian: Optimization of the Repeatability of Measurements to Increase the Statistical Significance through Automation of an Optical Injection Test Bench for the Investigation of GDI Injectors



                              • Gao, Yi: Temperature and Concentration Determination in flames by H2-N2 dual pump CARS using an Improved Linewidth Model for the H2 Q-branch (abstract)
                              • Lin, Chien-Yu: Investigation of nonlinear phase noise in differential phase-shift-keying systems (abstract)
                              • Sun, Zhengshan: Characterization of surface measurement techniques with latral and vertical calibration standards (abstract